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Plant and raw food lovers

In our kitchen full of hapiness you can find lovely Marita and Viktor putting their hearts into food we are making. Its their desire to suprise the customers with the plant and raw food. Every food is made with love and passion and thats what gives a extra taste and offers people to enjoy our plant and raw food world.

Food should be easy, tasteful and easily digestible

The idea of Toormoor started form the wish to bring natural flavors, smells and light of the sun into peoples homes. We think of cooking as a enjoyable entertaiment! The base of delicious plant and raw food are always a fresh and high-quality primary goods. It’s important how it’s been grown and where it’s been grown.

In the process of food making its important to us to be relaxed because the food is meant to be enjoyed. Also while eating its essential to chooce the right tempo and give yourself a time to explore the flavors. The differents sides of flavors are brought to you by using the best techniques what are acquired and improved over the years.

Lifestyle, proper nutrition, being active

Our mission is to value the nature and to respect the Mother Earth in this fast changeing society. Our wish is to share our experiences and knowledge about plant and raw food world. It’s important not to push somebody into this world but to simply offer them the chance to explore it. For us is vital not to poison our bodies with un suitable food. We are here for you by offering different healthy catering and ordering chances. For us its pure joy and creating happy memories with good people.

Thank you all for your kind words and wishes! We deeply appreciate your help, encouragement, love and hapiness what keeps us going and gives us inspiration every day. We hope to make you happy!

Kind Regards
Marita Krull
Viktor Bobkin

Our products are egg-free, lactose and dairy-free and do not contain sugar.

Those foods are easily digestible and your stomach will thank you.
Before ordering let us know if you have some allergies (ingredients can be changed).
NB! Cakes, cookies and calats ordering minimum is 1kg.

All our products are handmade and they are also always unique (thats why products may be little bit different than pictures).


Vegan Stuudio Toormoor


  • Taimetoidumess 2016 (Tallinn, Põhja pst 27a, Kultuurikatel)
  • Haapsalu Joogafestival 2016 suvi (osalemine)
  • Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival 2016 suvi (osalemine)

Ajakiri SENSA  juuni/2016 / lk.100
Ajakiri JAMIE (suvi 2016 reklaam)